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Master’s degree projet

Date : 2023 
Techniques : Processing, Arduino board, Leapmotion sensor

This interactive installation questions the obsession with performance at work, inviting us to pedal and exhaust ourselves on a super-bike. The aim was to parody the link between sporting performance and the capitalist system in the context of corporate work.

The managerial discourse of companies encourage us to always be more efficient, to produce ever more, to work ever longer, to be the best while being fulfilled in our work. Yet reports of suffering at work and burn-out are on the increase. In response, a number of measures have been put in place to improve employee well-being. But what is the real impact on working conditions? Wouldn't the solution be to work less, accept to slow down and leave more room for rest?

The installation comprises a bicycle connected to a projection and a screen. Three quantifiable performance criteria are taken into account: productivity with the score achieved in the mini-game, well-being with the physical effort made on the bike, and being happy at work with the smile captured on the webcam. The idea was to have this injunction to performance, speed and productivity, while at the same time having to be happy at work, demonstrating the impossibility of maintaining a balance between these three elements.